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Our Story

 Creative innovation is messy, disruptive, and often uncomfortable for people unfamiliar with the experience.   A fortunate glance into the window of world-class creative organizations reveals practical, creative, and analytical minds to inspire audiences.   

EC4Labs is a network of specialized brands blessed with years of deeply embedded experience in world-class creative organizations helping them execute their mission.  Together we bring a bespoke blend of experience, technology, and software to design, build and run operating platforms where creative organizations thrive.

DNA Strand

How We Work

Scaling organizational creative capacity centers on how well we orchestrate “How We Work” into our people, programs, ideas, technology, budgets, and communications.

"How We Work" orchestration pattern is unique for every brand and studio.  Outcomes are entirely predicated on the quality of experience for each individual contributor in your organization.

Behind the scenes shot of virtual production stage with huge LED screens, cinematorgapher

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