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We believe the vision for your automation solution and development should be absolutely seamless. 

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Codai automation orchestrates humans, data, and tools giving you one place to manage work.   Whether you sharing ideas, creating content, or connecting teams,  SHOKUNIN is automation centered on people where work gets done.   Dynamic integration links enable a singular cohesive set of services merged into a beautiful portal interface 


Through the Codai Creation Kit, we implemented an iterative software development process that creates a dynamic development and feedback loop between you and us, from day one. 

Codai Creation Kit is able to deliver viable and live automation software solution building blocks in just 3 weeks, but we also develop each feature together as you remain in close contact with us every single development week.

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During Codai Discovery, we meet with you and your team to realize the perfect automation solution. By asking robust and detailed questions, we will find out exactly what types of dynamic solutions you need to perfect your staff’s work. Through collaborative envisioning, utter transparency about product capabilities, and precise time frame projection, you will know exactly what we are building together, and exactly when your automation solution will be realized.

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